Environmental Landscape Design Specialist

  Creating Bio-Diverse Indigenous Landscapes and Gardens   

  Nature conservation begins at your own front door

indigenous landscape garden design specialist design consultant ecoman Durban

Ecoman Durban

Indigenous Landscape Design Consultant

Indigenous Landscaping

Creating and Managing Urban Wildlife Habitat

We are the experts at bringing nature back into your world

I design landscapes and gardens that are nature friendly as well as being pleasing to the eye.

I use my many years of landscape planning and design as well as landscape construction experience coupled to my vast knowledge of the requirements of nature to create habitat suitable for birds, butterflies and other creatures to live and breed in.

I always apply the basic principles of good landscape design to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that at the same time satisfies the living requirements of the target creatures that I would like to attract. My speciality is to attract birds, butterflies and solitary bees. I design and build Bio-Diverse Roof Gardens.

crinum macowani
                                       Crinum macowanii
Professional Services offered

  • Management of natural areas (urban wildlife habitat)
  • indigenous plant identification and vegetation surveys
  • Consulting on a large range of issues involving the natural environment, Landscape planning and design, Horticulture, Nursery production
  • Landscape project management world wide
  • Horticultural, Landscape practical and theoretical training
  • Lecturing on various aspects of horticulture, landscape planning and design as well as conservation of the natural environment
  • General landscape planning design and implementation
  • Arboriculture (tree care as well as suitablility, saftey and health assesment)
  michael Hickman Ecoman Durban

Michael Hickman
Dip. Parks & Recreation Admin. Cert. Hort. Cert. Turf Management
PO Box 60
4345 Mount Moreland
South Africa

Mobile:   +27 820612593
Tel/Fax: +27 31 5682332

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Michael Hickman

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