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 Turf Management

Ecoman Sports Turf and Lawn Expert

I have considerable experience with establishing and managing both warm season as well as cool season grasses which has been gained in Durban, South Africa, Wilhelmshaven, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand.

Sports Turf Construction Experience

My sports turf construction experience includes the construction of many sports fields for football, rugby hockey and cricket, golf course greens, bowling greens, turf wickets in Durban, South Africa over a period of more than 25 years mostly while working for the Durban Parks Department, which were all planted to warm season grasses in particular Cynodon dactylon varieties. I also constructed and renovated a number of football fields and rugby fields in New Zealand.

Amenity Turf Construction Experience

Most of my amenity turf construction experience comes from over 28 years constructing and maintaining parks and gardens for the Durban Parks Department, I also gained valuable experience as a private contractor constructing parks and establishing cool season grasses mostly for the North Shore City Council in Auckland New Zealand.

Sports Turf and Amenity Turf Maintenance Experience

Most of my sports turf and amenity turf maintenance experience comes from the maintenance of a large number of parks, sports fields, road verges etc that were  under my direct care as a horticulturist then later as a horticultural manager during the 28 years that I was employed by the Durban Parks Department

Domestic lawn Establishment and Maintenance Experience

My domestic lawn establishment and maintenance experience has been gained on warm season grasses in Durban and on cool season grasses in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand. My first experience with domestic lawn care was gained as a young child helping my father do his annual spring treatment of our own domestic lawn up until today where I still do all my own lawn care including the cutting of my own lawn. I have also cared for lawn for commercial clients in South Africa, Germany and New Zealand over a period of over 40 years.

For a number of years I over seeded portions of my own domestic lawn in Durban in winter with cool season grasses to maintain a lush green lawn in areas that Cynodon dactylon had been planted.

Academic Achievements

Certificate in Turf Grass Management (Cum Laude)

Best Student Turf Grass Management Association 1984

Management of Warm season grasses

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