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Pie Melon Farm

Erosion Control on Waiheke Island New Zealand November 2005

Erosion control wall made of Filtrexx FilterSoxx™  filled with compost and a mixture of grass seeds planted with Phormium tenax

Bio-engineering provides a softer and more acceptable approach when compared to hard engineering solutions in particular in environmentally sensitive locations.  Replacing block walls, cement, or gabions  with sustainable designs that are softer greener and more natural.  The use of Filtrexx Living WallsTM involves stacking FilterSoxxTM on top of one another in a recessed bank situation, against the bank, with back fill media filling in apparent open voids. 

The use of Living WallsTM allows the introduction of native vegetation into the system and allows it to become established before it washes away. 
It is essential that the Living WallTM system includes a good source of vegetation capable of being established on the banks for a long-term solution.  Although turf grasses are an ideal nursery crop, they should only be considered as support for more permanent perennial shrub species. These can be added as seed, bare rooted cuttings, plugs or stakes.

Erosion control wall made of Filtrexx FilterSoxx™ 
filtrex filtersoxx

filtrexx filtersoxx

filtrexx filtersoxx

Erosion control using Enkamat



Enkamat® and MacMat™ by Maccaferri are essentially the same product in fact  Enkamat® is distributed by Maccaferri in New Zealand

MacMat™ is a three-dimensional geomat consisting of entangled polypropylene monofilaments that are heat bonded at the contact points to provide a dimensionally stable matrix for soil erosion protection from wind, rainfall, run-off or flooding. It is a permanent erosion control product composed of UV stabilised, non-degradable synthetic fibres.
MacMat™ provides permanent erosion protection on upland slopes, stream banks, wetland boundaries, and shorelines. The mats provide a stable medium to encourage natural colonisation and support healthy plant growth. In certain instances MacMat™ may be used in conjunction with double twist wire mesh reinforcement, known as MacMat-R™. When combined with galvanised and PVC coated woven wire mesh, MacMat-R™ is used for long term root reinforcement, erosion control and revegetation. This unique combination marries the excellent anti-erosion properties of the three-dimensional MacMat™ geomat and the well-known strength properties of the Maccaferri mesh, thus extending the range of applications and diversity of MacMat™.

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Michael Hickman Dip. Parks & Recreation Admin. Cert. Hort. Cert. Turf Management

For technical information, advice, hydroseeding / hydromulching requirements in South Africa as well as elsewhere contact Michael Hickman at

Tel: +27820612593


Ecoman Durban Indigenous Landscape Design Consultant

Bio-Diverse Indigenous Landscaping I design landscapes and gardens that are Bio-Diverse as well as being pleasing to the eye

Landscapes and Gardens that are Nature Friendly

I use my many years of landscape planning and design as well as landscape construction experience coupled to my vast knowledge of the requirements of nature to create habitat suitable for birds, butterflies and other creatures to live and breed in.


I always apply the basic principles of good landscape design to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that at the same time satisfies the living requirements of the target creatures that I would like to attract. My speciality is to attract birds, butterflies and solitary bees. I design and build Bio-Diverse Roof Gardens


So let Ecoman design and create a garden for you that will be a haven for wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs and lizards in the number of species comparable to Kruger National Park.

For all of your Green Roof requirements contact Michael Hickman Specialist in Green Roof Technology at +27 82 061 2593 or email at info@ecoman.co.za

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