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Hydro Seeding at North Harbour Stadium

North Shore Auckland New Zealand

Client:  North Harbour Trust

Date:   15 September 2006

Brief:   To hydro seed newly prepaed areas where turfgrass grass had been harvested for repair work to the main playing field with premium grade sports turf perennial ryegrass

On a number of occasions I was contracted to hydroseed areas on the practice fields at North Harbour Stadium, North Shore Auckland New Zealand with premium grade sports turf perennial ryegrass seed in areas where turf had been harvested to do repairs to the main sports field following concerts and other events that had damaged the turf playing surface

North Harbour Stadium is a stadium, situated in Albany, in North Shore City, in New Zealand. It was opened in 1997, after nearly a decade of discussion, planning and construction. Rugby union, football and rugby League are the only sports played on the main ground. The stadium also hosts large open air concerts.

creating turf hydroseeding north shore stadium

Creating Turf Hydroseed unit
north harbour stadium 1
This photo shows an area where turf had been harvested for repairs to the main sports field which has been made ready for hydroseeding

North Harbour 5

This photo shows the area which has been seeded with a mixture of Hydro Mulch® 1000 with TriFlo™
wood fibre mulch from Conwed Fibers®  made by Profile Products
, stickers, growth promoters and premium grade sports turf ryegrass seed

North Harbour 8

This photo shows another view of the area that has just been hydromulched using a Finn Hydroseeder


The first Hydroseeder was invented by FINN in 1953, and trademarked thereafter, to efficiently shoot seed and fertilizers over broad areas. This invention was more than a product innovation - it was the seed that grew an entirely new industry of turf and erosion control contractors.

Conwed Fibers®

was a pioneer in the development of wood-fiber based hydraulic mulch in 1965. We set the industry standards for performance then, and nearly a half decade later, Conwed Fibers products are still delivering superior performance with unrivaled consistency.

Conwed Fibers® Hydro Mulch® 1000 with TriFlo™

Ecoman Sports Turf and Lawn Expert

I have considerable experience with establishing and managing both warm season as well as cool season grasses which has been gained in South Africa, Germany and New Zealand

Certificate in Turf Grass Management (Cum Laude)

Best Student Turf Grass Management Association 1984

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