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Re-vegetation Research Project at Duck Creek Farm Report 3

Client: Auckland Regional Council

Date:  2 June 2006

Brief:   To establish and to evaluate a protective vegetation cover on disturbed sites by means of hydromulching

Report number 3 on the results of re-vegetation by means of hydromulching at Duck Creek Farm

The site
A northerly facing cut face of an angle exceeding 45 degrees approximately 90 x 2.5 metres. Due to the northerly aspect and the steep angle of the slope the site tends to remain dry even during periods of high precipitation.

Date seeded
1 June 2006

Evaluation of the site on the 13 September 2006

Observations made

During the four weeks following the last inspection the site received little precipitation.
Due to the dryer conditions the soil on the bank has dried out considerably causing it to crack and crumble in many places. Mechanical support given to the bank by the hydromulch has remained good however this has been able to do little to prevent the collapse of bank. In areas where there has been no mechanical damage to the bank and little germination has taken place the mulch has maintained excellent adhesion to the surface, in no areas whatsoever has it washed off, even on the steepest slopes.

On the steepest driest sections of the slope there has been further mechanical failure where whole sections of the upper the bank have become dislodged. This can be clearly seen in the accompanying photographs.

Along the entire area seeded there has been little germination along a band at the at the top of the back this has no doubt been caused by the much drier conditions encountered in the root zone of the vegetation growing at the top of the bank. There is also no doubt competition for nutrients by the plants that are already established above.

The more northwest facing sections of the site have continued to shown inferior results, in addition considerable amounts of soil have slid down the slope which have partially covered the vegetation at the base of the bank.

Little germination of the other seed has occurred to date possibly due to the drier conditions experienced over the last four weeks.


600 g of Nitrophoska 12% N, 10% P, 10%K, 4.6 % Ca, 1.2 % Mg fertilizer was distributed over the entire area mulched as well as on the slope immediately above the mulched area in a strip approximately .5m wide.

In conclusion

The results so far are satisfactory however due to the drier conditions over the last four weeks some of the grass that had germinated on the upper slope has died or is badly wilted. There has not been a tremendous increase in growth over this period.

Michael Hickman

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