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Michael Hickman Green Roof Design Specialist  Durban

Michael Hickman green roof design expert interviewed ridge magazine

Local Environmental Guru speaks to Richard Compton about the novel and successful concept of green roofing for the Ridge magazine

The eThekwini Municipality Environmental Planning and Climate Orotection Department is pioneering research in South Africa to enable the public to use roofs as gardens. Heading up the horticultural and landscaping team is Michael Hickman one of Durban´s  most experienced and longest serving horticulturists.  Due to the research done people are now able to plant up unsightly roofs that  will help cool our surroundings and offer a chance to protect many rare and endangered groundcovers and smaller plants.

Ecoman Durban Indigenous Landscape Design Consultant

Bio-Diverse Indigenous Landscaping I design landscapes and gardens that are Bio-Diverse as well as being pleasing to the eye

Landscapes and Gardens that are Nature Friendly

I use my many years of landscape planning and design as well as landscape construction experience coupled to my vast knowledge of the requirements of nature to create habitat suitable for birds, butterflies and other creatures to live and breed in.


I always apply the basic principles of good landscape design to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that at the same time satisfies the living requirements of the target creatures that I would like to attract. My speciality is to attract birds, butterflies and solitary bees. I design and build Bio-Diverse Roof Gardens


So let Ecoman design and create a garden for you that will be a haven for wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs and lizards in the number of species comparable to Kruger National Park.

For all of your Green Roof requirements contact Michael Hickman Specialist in Green Roof Technology at +27 82 061 2593 or email at info@ecoman.co.za

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