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wind turbine mount moreland
Wind turbine erected at my office at Mount Moreland 30 km north of Durban

The main reason for installing this turbine is to collect operating data because so much misleading and false information is being distributed by persons with little or no expert knowledge just to get sales.
2kw wind turbine durban
Wind turbine erected at my office at Mount Moreland

small turbine control unit
Turbine Control Unit

The Power generated by the wind turbine above is fed as 3 phase AC electrical power into the turbine control unit which controls the turbine and applies the brake where needed. The turbine control unit also converts the 3 phase AC input current into a DC, direct current output which is fed into the grid tie inverter below which pulses the main power grid and converts the DC input back into AC at the same frequency as the grid, this electrical power which is then fed directly into the main electrical grid via the main electrical distribution panel. The electrical power produced by this system is fed directly into the electrical grid to be used by the home or business any excess power produced by the system flows back through the electrical consumption meter turning the meter backwards in direct proportion to the amount of electricity that is flowing out into the public grid. The power which has flowed out into the public grid is then available for future use when one's own electrical demand exceeds the supply of electricity one is producing at the time in direct proportion to the amount of power which flowed out. To make this all a lot more simple to understand the public grid is being used as a storage facility for later use. If there are any questions simply ask me and a I will be glad to answer them.

Grid Tie Inverter for wind turbines
Grid Tie Inverter for wind turbines

Our recommendation
which is the most cost efficient option is an option that is widely used around the world is to opt for a grid tie system. While the wind blows in our region in particularly along the KwaZulu-Natal coast mostly from mid morning to dusk. During these hours the wind turbine will generate and provide electricity directly to your home electrical grid via a grid tie inverter.

Depending on the size of the wind turbine, it's location and the speed of the wind will generate varying amounts of electricity which will be fed into your home power grid by the grid tie inverter.

Depending on the amount of electricity being generated by your wind turbine and the amount of power being used by your appliances, you will either need additional electricity from the national grid to meet your demand, or your wind turbine will be producing more power that your home consumption requires in which case it will feed the excess electricity that is being generated back into the national grid which will turn the electricity meter backwards to be available when your wind turbine is not generating sufficient power to satisfy your power needs. This method effectively uses the national grid as a storage facility at no cost to you.

The electricity stored in this manner can then be used during the time when your home demand exceeds the amount of electricity that your wind turbine is generating.

Only once the stored electricity has been used up and the electricity meter has returned to it's original reading does one start paying for electricity which is coming from the national grid. Therefore if your electricity usage for the month is 1000kwh and you are producing 800kwh per month of your own electricity your electricity bill will be for the remaining 200kwh. Just plain simple arithmetic.

Grid Tie Inverters are relatively inexpensive to purchase and are easy to install.

If one chooses to go completely off of the national grid this is also possible but very much more expensive to install because all the electricity used in excess of the electricity that is being produced by your wind turbine at any one time will need to be stored in very expensive batteries that have a relatively short lifespan

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