The United Nations has proclaimed the 22 May as International Biodiversity Day, to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It is the living part of our natural resource base that supplies us with a range of ecosystem goods (like food, medicines and building material) and services (like water supply and climate regulation). Maintaining and restoring biodiversity is essential to ensure a healthy natural environment and a good quality of life for our citizens. In support of this vision, the Environmental Management Departmentís core mandate is to conserve biodiversity and the ecosystem goods and services it provides and to plan for the mitigation and adaptation to the impacts of climate change for the city.

Green roof project launch

22 May 2009 marks the inaugural celebration of International Biodiversity Day, when the Environmental Management Department will launch the pilot Green Roof project, which forms part of the eThekwini Municipalityís Municipal Climate Protection Programme. Green roofs reduce temperatures both inside buildings and ambient temperatures above these buildings, thus reducing energy consumption. Green roofs also reduce stormwater runoff, contribute to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change and promote inner city biodiversity.


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